Looking for a free training on Microsoft Access. You don't know anything about creating database applications using this famous software. Well this site is intended specially for you.
You might say: Okay, but I'm not an IT professional and I can't program! Not serious. With this free course, you'll edit with Microsoft Access applications without programming. Just small manipulations that will be explained to you step by step with a language accessible to all as well as concrete examples and exercises that will accompany you throughout your progress.
In this course we will learn how to create a new database, master best practices to create tables and relationships, tame forms, query the data by using queries, automate everything using macros, package your application in a file executable in the manner of pros software and much more.
Finally all you need allowing you to fly using your own wings in the world of MS Access applications.

First part: before putting the hand to paw

Chapter 0: the novice questions

Talk to you we a file database or Access application?

Can we create professional applications using Ms Access?

Which version of Access use?

Y'a t – he of the prerequisites for this training?

Chapter I: Has your brands!

What is Microsoft Access?

What is a database?

Know the interface of Microsoft ACCESS 2007.

Chapter II: First discovery: an Access application in half an hour!

This chapter is mandatory! It is designed as a step-by-step tutorial that will allow you to create your first applet. Its goal to connect and take a tour through the different objects in Access, and also to know how everything works and begin to familiarize yourself with the terminology used in the world of databases.

Second part: the objects of databases

Chapter III: Tables of Access, the basis of the databases

Here we will learn the right methods to create tables, this is the Foundation to build databases that are strong and last

Chapter IV: Understanding the relationships

Usefulness of relations

types of relationships

Practical exercise

Chapter V: From idea to application, know where to go!




Chapter VI: Forms Access, the window of your application!

What is a form and what does it do?

Create a form using the wizard

Create a form in design mode

Chapter VII: Access requests, intelligence in action!

What is a query and what's the point?

Create a single query

Create a query from several tables

action queries

Chapter VIII: Access States, the result of your efforts!

What is a State and what does it do?

Create a report using the wizard

Create a report in Design view

Chapter IX: Macros to Access, small magic tricks!



A macro embedded

A special macro: autoexec

Third part: to go further

Chapter X: Packaging an Access database application

Split an Access BD

Safety first

Consider your future users

Configuration and setting up the application

Why not help the Microsoft?

Chapter XI: How about an Access database application on the internet?

A BD Access on a LAN

Access project?


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